Discounts & Coupons

There are a few ways to get discounts in this store.

We have some standard “hidden” discounts that become activated based on your order. For instance, if you order products for more than €50 you automatically get 10% off. If your order is above €200 you get 20% off. This kind if discount requires no entering of personal codes etc. They just do their job, no hassle, no questions asked.

The other type of discount is given to you as a personal code that you activate by typing in the code at checkout. These codes can be given to you as a token of friendship (say you’re the mother of a band member, those things count you know), or as a reward for being a returning customer, or as part of a campaign on any of the Facebook or Twitter accounts of the band or this store. If you think you deserve a discount coupon, contact us. And don’t even try: we know all the mothers of the band members! 🙂

Just to make it clearer – let’s offer you a coupon just for reading this all the way through to here: add a “BE” Original Pamphlet to your cart, and at checkout, enter the code coupon-test to receive a sweet 100% discount on said signed “BE” original pamphlet from 2003. Yes, we are giving it to you for free. See it as a reward for your passing the exam in Discounts & Coupons. 🙂