Signed items


On the semantic connotations of the expression SIGNED, as used throughout the BLACK MERCH site and vocabulary.

We will ALWAYS offer signed merchandise here at  B L A C K  M E R C H .

All albums (and a lot of other items and products) here at  B L A C K  M E R C H  have the word “signed” in the title, or written elsewhere on the the product page. “Signed” means the item will be autographed by Daniel Gildenlöw. This is done after you place your order, individually for each item. This means it can even be dedicated to yourself or someone else, but please note that if you want the signature dedicated, you must remember to specify this upon checkout. Please keep in mind that the albums have been opened, since there is no real point in signing the shrink-wrap. Signatures can always be trusted to be as much in-style with the product as possible.

Please allow for some extra time for signed items to be shipped, since they need some extra handling for the signatures.

To sum it up:

  • We offer exclusively signed merch, in this shop only
  • All albums are signed by Daniel Gildenlöw
  • Many other items here are also signed by Daniel Gildenlöw
  • You can get your signed items dedicated to someone
  • Allow for additional delivery time, due to handling
  • Shrink-wrap is removed on your signed albums