“We thought this album would be a walk in the park, but it turns out that nothing about Pain of Salvation will ever be that way. Uphill is sort of our default way of travelling.”Daniel Gildenlow

Over the course of their career, Pain of Salvation have re-defined the term “epic.” There are varying shades of bombast or complexity on their studio albums, but with “Falling Home” the band proves they can still be larger than life without choking the listener with monstrous song arrangements or schizophrenic off-time noodling for the sake of the spotlight. The new album is yet another form of epic presented with Pain of Salvation standards.

“I’ve definitely tried to dial down on the bombastic and the complexity this time,” Gildenlow admits. “But, for me it’s still all about refining every little detail. One of my mottos has always been that I want to hide the machinery under the hood, so to speak. I’ve always wanted Pain of Salvation to be the fastest car in town, knowing that we can stop at any red light and know that there’s no competition when it turns green. But, at the same time I still want the car to look nice and normal. I don’t want the car to have neon lights or a huge vent sticking out of the hood. I just want to know that we can win any race we want. “