SIGNED PHOTO “the beast”


(photo: Lars Ardarve)

Professional photo, printed in highest resolution on high-end Canon photo paper and signed with an Artline Calligraphy silver pen. (longer description below)

Any customization requests or alterations.


“One of the photos Lars took for the artwork of the Passing Light of Day album – for the track Taming of a Beast.”

Hi, Daniel here. We now offer a small selection of hand picked quality photos taken by Lars Ardarve, Lunah Lauridsen and André Wilms. Stellar photographs printed in high resolution on professional Canon photo papers in A4 or A3 – each one individually signed by Yours Truly (that’d be me, in this case) with an Artline Calligraphy  silver or white pen (“what’s with this product placement vibe” you may ask – “are they endorsed?” “No” I firmly reply, and then, after a moment’s pause I add, softly “but hey, if you are working at Canon or Artline we are open for suggestions”).


You can have this item dedicated. Choices are as follows:

  1. Just Signed You can choose to have it signed only. I’ll sign the photo with a silver pen, no fuzz.
  2. Dedicate to Buyer If you wish it to be dedicated to yourself, choose that option (“Dedicate to Buyer”).
  3. Dedicate to Shipping Recipient Ok, you can choose to ship it to another name/address than the buyer’s – perfect if you want to surprise someone with a gift. If you want the photo dedicated to the name of the recipient, you choose “Dedicate to Shipping Recipient”.
  4. Dedicate to other If you want to have it dedicated to someone else entirely, or your weird and secret DJ name or superhero name, you need to specify that name in the textbox at checkout. This is where things could get hairy – see, you could forget to fill in the textbox and then I’ll just be confused, or you could write too long (“First I must say that I really love your music…”) and your message will get cut by the ordering system in the middle of your name and then YOU will be confused when your photo arrives, neatly dedicated with the words “To Elvis Pres!”So, bottom-line, if you choose option 4, PLEASE make sure to use the textbox at checkout!