The Perfect Element 2020 (CD Digipak, signed)


  • DIGIPAK double CD
  • Bonus disc with 8 tracks (tracklisting below)
  • AUTOGRAPHED by Daniel with calligraphy pen

For track listing and more specs, see below.

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Double CD in DIGIPAK (with booklet and new extensive liner notes), signed in calligraphy by Daniel Gildenlöw and Pontus Lindmark. Comes with a signed shop-exclusive POSTCARD.

One of the band’s most legendary albums celebrates 20 years with a brand new mix made by Pontus Lindmark from the original recordings.

  • AUTOGRAPHED by Daniel with calligraphy pen
  • Signed shop-exclusive POSTCARD included (pre-orders only)
  • Double CD in Digipak
  • New liner notes by Daniel Gildenlöw and Pontus Lindmark
  • Booklet included


Following the release of their acclaimed new studio album “PANTHER”, Sweden’s progressive Metal innovators Pain of Salvation are announcing a special re-issue edition for their “The Perfect Element, part 1” album from 2000. Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the band’s third album, the re-issue version is entitled The Perfect Element, part 1 (Anniversary Mix 2020)” and will be released on November 20th, 2020 via InsideOutMusic.

Following on from the widely praised remix of the classic Pain of Salvation album “Remedy Lane” in 2016, “The Perfect Element, part 1 (Anniversary Mix 2020)” comes completely remixed by Pontus Lindmark and mastered by Thor Legvold / Sonovo. The release, which features slightly revised artwork as well as new liner-notes, will be available as limited 2CD Digipak and Digital Album (with a total of 8 bonus tracks) as well as in the Gatefold 2LP format on 180g. vinyl with the entire remixed album as bonus CD.


Main CD (76:23)

  1. Used (Anniversary Mix 2020) (05:23)
  2. In the Flesh (Anniversary Mix 2020) (08:39)
  3. Ashes (Anniversary Mix 2020) (04:27)
  4. Morning on Earth (Anniversary Mix 2020) (04:35)
  5. Idioglossia (Anniversary Mix 2020) (08:30)
  6. Her Voices (Anniversary Mix 2020) (07:56)
  7. Dedication (Anniversary Mix 2020) (04:02)
  8. King of Loss (Anniversary Mix 2020) (09:51)
  9. Reconciliation (Anniversary Mix 2020) (04:30)
  10. Song for the Innocent (Anniversary Mix 2020) (03:03)
  11. Falling (Anniversary Mix 2020) (01:53)
  12. The Perfect Element (Anniversary Mix 2020) (10:13)
  13. Epilogue (Anniversary Mix 2020) (03:14)

Bonus CD (31:00)

  1. Used (Live 2018) (05:54)
  2. Ashes (Live 2017) (05:48)
  3. Falling (Live 2018) (02:30)
  4. The Perfect Element (Live 2018) (10:10)
  5. Her Voices (and only that) (01:21)
  6. Absolute Kromata (00:31)
  7. Ashes [your language here] (04:42)