After almost two decades, the time is finally here. Seriously, I have no idea how many times we have been asked when “BE” and 12:5 are going to be released on vinyl, but at last we have a proper answer: NOW! THE DAY HAS COME! Well… ok, the day will come on April 30, but PRE-SALES ARE HERE. And as usual, we have the coolest and rarest versions by far here in our own shop. All copies are signed by yours truly, and will be shipped with shop-exclusive postcards that you can’t get anywhere else. Also, we have the elegant white vinyl versions as usual, only 100 copies of each worldwide, and then another 100 copies of “BE” in petrol green vinyl.


I have installed a new point system to our shop, entirely without asking the webmaster. This means for every cent you spend you will be earning points that you can use as payment later on. So make sure to register, to have those point saved and ready to roll (money reference there, but it still sounded weird, no?).


Peru and Chile, welcome back. Shipping is still very random everywhere, and we beg of you, please consider the TRACKABLE or REGISTERED shipping options. And above all, be patient. Some orders have seriously taken more than 2 months from the Swedish border to the Netherlands or Germany (I mean, that’s less than a day’s travel by car – ok, assuming that you drive fast and hold your pee, but still…), so hey, please don’t commence legal actions through PayPal after just a week. Just saying… 🙂

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and huge thanks for supporting brave and honest music, especially in these times. As I said, you are beautiful. Take care of one another, love all that needs loving, stay safe, and fuck hate. Until we meet on the road again… 😻


corona may delay your order

Due to the corona outbreak, some countries/areas have either chosen or been forced to close down their postal networks in full or in parts. This means we cannot ship to those addresses, or the packages would either get stuck at the borders, returned, or even thrown away. We are glad to note that most countries are back online now, but Chile, Peru and a few more countries are still affected. But DON’T PANIC, as the dear departed Douglas Adams would have said. We will protect your items by holding on to them, packed and ready, and ship those orders as soon as the necessary networks are up and running again. READ MORE HERE

PLEASE NOTE that even though your specific country may be fully operational by now, as far as international shipping goes, all networks are still strained and slightly dysfunctional, so shipping times could be much slower than you are used to. Just saying.

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