Twenty Years Later…

Front cover artwork for the 2020 Anniversary Mix of The Perfect Element, part 1.PRE-ORDER the upcoming 2020 ANNIVERSARY MIX of The Perfect Element 1 (release Nov 20th)!

Album is available in several versions, all neatly autographed in calligraphy pen and shipped with a postcard exclusive to this shop. This is the only place worldwide where you will find the very limited “TOOTH” (bone-white vinyl) and “BLOOD” (red vinyl) versions of the Double LP.

DIGIPAK  2CD with 8-track bonus disc

STANDARD version vinyl  2LP+CD in gatefold with lyrics

“BLOOD” version, RED vinyl  2LP+CD in gatefold with lyrics
(autographed+quote+postcard) 100 copies only

“TOOTH” version, WHITE vinyl  2LP+CD in gatefold with lyrics
(autographed+quote+postcard) 100 copies only

corona may delay your order

Due to the corona outbreak, some countries/areas have either chosen or been forced to close down their postal networks in full or in parts. This means we cannot ship to those addresses, or the packages would either get stuck at the borders, returned, or even thrown away. Australia, Chile, Peru and a few more countries are still affected. But DON’T PANIC, as the dear departed Douglas Adams would have said. We will protect your items by holding on to them, packed and ready, and ship those orders as soon as the necessary networks are up and running again. READ MORE HERE

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