‘Tis the season…

Well… ok, it’s still a few weeks away, but nevertheless… It’s brewing!

Hello, you beautiful you. Daniel here, to inform you that we have refilled stocks with basically everything we could find that was still available, and we have added a bunch of new exciting stuff. You wanted shirts, you wanted hoodies, you wanted a pen of salvation (ok, that last one was me, but damn was I right), and despite this being a difficult and weird year, we took a deep breath, went out on that proverbial limb and pressed a bunch of shirts, hoodies and, well, pens. So now I truly hope you are still out there, ready to dress in PANTHER. And hey – LOWERED PRICES NOVEMBER OUT!

Oh, and speaking of which – for all of you who missed out on the rare coloured versions of PANTHER (and we know there are quite a few of you), we have some awesome news! We managed to procure the last 40 copies of the rare BLUE vinyl version. We will do what we can to make this very last batch count. We will number them from 1/40 to 40/40, I will autograph them as beautifully as I can in white calligraphy, and write a nice quote from the album on the front cover. We will also ship two of our shop-exclusive postcards with each copy, also signed of course. We are super happy that we got these rare copies for you guys.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by, and huge thanks for supporting brave and honest music, especially in these times. As I said, you are beautiful. Take care of one another, love all that needs loving, stay safe, and fuck hate. Until we meet on the road again… 😻


corona may delay your order

Due to the corona outbreak, some countries/areas have either chosen or been forced to close down their postal networks in full or in parts. This means we cannot ship to those addresses, or the packages would either get stuck at the borders, returned, or even thrown away. We are glad to note that most countries are back online now, but Chile, Peru and a few more countries are still affected. But DON’T PANIC, as the dear departed Douglas Adams would have said. We will protect your items by holding on to them, packed and ready, and ship those orders as soon as the necessary networks are up and running again. READ MORE HERE

PLEASE NOTE that even though your specific country may be fully operational by now, as far as international shipping goes, all networks are still strained and slightly dysfunctional, so shipping times could be much slower than you are used to. Just saying.

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