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This is Black Merch

Merch that matters

No compromises, no shortcuts – maximum support to the artist and maximum care for the fans!

We are BLACK MERCH, a very small business dedicated solely to providing official merchandise related to Pain of Salvation, Daniel Gildenlöw and Entropia Productions. No compromises, no shortcuts – maximum support to the artist and maximum care for the fans. We are not able to move enormous quantities daily, but we will always tend to each order with full attention and respect, and you can count on us always doing our very best to get your items to you safely and swiftly.

  • No middle management
  • Maximum support to the artists
  • Items signed by Daniel, for each single order
  • Top quality products
  • Unique and exclusive designs
  • Love and respect for the trade

Please read more about our order processing and shipping procedures in the section Shipping & Returns. We are very happy to have you as our visitors and, hopefully, returning customers.

Shopping that cares

Always throw in extras and offer hand signed merch for no extra price. Great service, and take care when packaging the items.

Gary Rhoades

First off, I wanted to thank you guys for the awesome and really good looking shirts I just received. The look really great not just great for band shirts.
Secondly, I wanted to thank Daniel for signing the Be pamphlet and the sticker (with my name on it) personally. I REALLY appreciate it, that he takes his time and signs each sticker for each customer personally. The sticker now decorates my electric guitar. 😉 

Justin Schultheis

Came home from ProgPower to see that the order I placed got here quickly! I’m really impressed with the long-sleeved girlie, I was afraid it’d be too big but I had to have it and it’s JUST big and stretchy enough for my liking. grin emoticonThanks for the sticker and “BE” pamphlet, too!

Valerie Marchu

5/5 stars!

Mirko Valente