Whether you celebrate Saturnalia, Newtonmas, Festivus, Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or the Pastafarian Holiday, it is now nigh and around the corner. With covid still holding the global logistics by the proverbial balls and a new album Pain of Salvation album being recorded and all, I cannot make any die-hard promises regarding delivery dates but, obviously, the sooner you order the sooner you will get your [insert favored holiday/celebration] gifts. Stocks have been looked over, and I even found a small box of unopened 2005 “BE” Limited DVD+CD Box-Sets! [check out the SALE]

This will be the last sale this year, and by far the biggest one. You will not see these prices ever again, so GO NUTS!
12:5 vinyl test-pressing 3/5

12:5 vinyl test-pressing #3/5

On top of the product discounts (up to 50%) there are also bulk discounts and big-spender cart discounts. If you want to go truly wild and berserk, you will find the most desirable and unique gifts in the AUCTIONS section. If you place a regular order and is also bidding on something and want us to wait with shipping until you know if you’ve won, just drop us a line.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider spending a few bucks extra for the DHL EXPRESS or FEDEX shipping alternatives. They are in a league of their own when it comes to fast and secure deliveries, and they are fully trackable all the way to your door. Covid may (still) delay your order [read more]

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